The main activities of District Employment Exchange is to implement & co-ordinate all programmes of Employment Assistance i.e.:-

  • Registration of job seekers.
  • Sponsoring their names to the Employers against notified vacancies.
  • Vocational Guidance to the registrants through Career Counselling & providing Employment Information.
  • Collection of Employment data(EMI) in form ER-I & ER-II

After launching of State Employment Mission, the District Employment Exchange have been entrusted to :-

  • Conduct of Block Level Counselling Camps for mobilization of candidates for different training programmes vis-à-vis their attitude / interest qualification & age etc.
  • Conduct Pre-Recruitment Training Camps for entry into Army & Para-Military forces.
  • Conduct of District Level Job Fair by inviting potential Employers & Job Seekers to a common plat form.
  • Monitoring & Supervision of Placement Linked Training Programme.